I sit with high achieving women in their 30s and 40s and create a safe space for them to articulate what the Spirit is challenging them to do that will push them to a Greater Spiritual Potential.

Just a few things enriching my life right now:

The title says it all!

Narritive Therapy:

The stories we tell ourselves can be incredibly powerful.

I am a great believer in the power of stories as a catalyst for change.

Podcast by Brené

What is it like to be Coached?

Thanks to Ashley at ABL Life Coaching, I was Coached a bit on my own BIG dream! (And my computer died at the end!)

Video #1: My Dream as a 13 Year Old

Video #2: How My Dream Continues

Video #3: Thread from White to Yellow

This is your year! 2022. You have a dream that can be so much BIGGER. Or, you might need to realize your dream. Maybe you only need the environment to begin dreaming.

Show up willing to go deep within yourself.

No need to prepare anything!